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March 17, 2015





March, 2014

Conceptual Renderings - March 2014, Click here


One of the first steps related to the Terminal Redevelopment Program (TRP), is to take core samples of the earth in various impacted areas around the Airport for analysis. This core drilling process will give architects and engineers valuable information to roll into the design and construction process.

 On March 6, 2014, the first TRP-related road change occurred to accommodate development of the construction office site. The exit road from the parking garage was slightly adjusted as the site is prepared for trailers to house temporary offices and parking.


Preparations are beginning in the area adjacent to the short-term parking garage for a temporary construction office site for the Terminal Redevelopment Project. A portion of a surface parking lot is being converted into a platform for trailers and the exit road from the garage has been reconfigured. This is one of the first milestones in the 8-10 year building project.

 parking-site1.jpgparking-site2.jpgparking-site3.jpgparking-site4.jpgparking-site5.jpgparking-site6.jpg trailers-3-14.jpg