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ARFF Training Center: Classes

ARFF 40 Hour Basic

This class covers all eleven Federal Aviation Administration essential topics for ARFF certification. Approximately 20 hours of the course is in the classroom and 20 hours is live fire training.

Students have the opportunity to conduct truck operations, hand line operations and Incident Command functions, within 4 days of live fire training.

Students also have hands-on aircraft and airfield familiarization training. This will include cabin door operation, engine components, auxiliary power unit location and function, emergency fuel and electrical shut offs, aircraft fuel characteristics, and airfield marking interpretation.


Feruary 28-March 3, 2011
April 25-28, 2011
June 6-9, 2011
September 26-29, 2011
December 5-8, 2011

Classes begin Monday morning and finish Thursday afternoon.

We also offer the IFSAC certification upon request. Testing is completed on Friday.

If you have interest in advanced ARFF training, contact Capt. Cory Huffman.


All inclusive class price $1845.00*

IFSAC Certification $100.00

FAA 139 Recertification Live Burn Training

The curriculum for approximately eight hours is flexible, assuring that all FAA requirements are met, yet allowing for local protocols, P&Ps, SOGs and SOPs to be exercised. Scenarios can be customized to mimic potential incidents at your facility. Communication skills are also developed with each scenario.

This class provides a multitude of training opportunities for our students.


We run live burn recertification classes year round. The scheduling is flexible. We'll gladly run the class over two days, starting in the afternoon and finishing the following morning. Alternatively, the entire class can be completed in the same day.

Whichever format best suits your travel requirements, you'll find this class to be very accommodating. Contact us for available times.


All inclusive class price $980.00*

Striker 3000 Apparatus Familiarization

This course is schedule as needed. Interested parties should contact us for available times.


Wingpointe Golf Course

Wingpointe Golf Course

Just south of the terminals, the course is set into the natural environment.


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