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Contact Information

Access Control and ID Badging

Phone: 801-575-2423
Fax: 801-575-2377
Email: badgingoffice@slcgov.com

Kristian Wade: Kristian.Wade@slcgov.com

Kathy Dearth: Katherine.Dearth@slcgov.com


Ground Transportation (Inspection and Registration only)

For all badging needs, please contact Airport Badging at (801) 575-2423.

Phone: 801-908-7204 or 801-908-7205
Fax:  801-908-7220
Email: slcairportgt@slcgov.com

Larry Bowers: Larry.Bowers@slcgov.com


Airport Control Center

For after hours and weekend badging issues.
Phone: 801-575-2401


Customs and Border Protection

For General Inquiries.
Phone: 801-524-3445
Website: www.cbp.gov


For General Inquiries.
Phone: 801-524-4032
Website: www.tsa.gov

General Aviation Inquiries

Steve Jackson
Phone:  801-647-5532
Email:  steve.jackson@slcgov.com