Upcoming Changes

Please be aware Lot 10 will be impacted by construction and ultimately closing. Several individuals who park in Lots 3 & 10 will be re-assigned to the south Employee Lot. For those re-assigned, please make arrangements with Central Parking (801)575-2887 to obtain access cards for entry into the South Lot. These changes will take effect May 4, 2015.

Starting June 1, 2015 all badge renewals will require an authorized signature on the required renewal paperwork. For those companies who need to add signers to their roster, please contact badging at (801)575-2423 to schedule a training appointment. The Authorized Signer training takes approximately 45 minutes.

Ground Transportation


Click here for all necessary information regarding Ground Transportation badging requirements.

Ground Transportation Badging Information

New Company Requirements


New companies wishing to conduct business at the airport must register and obtain ID badges.
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