CNBC News carries a wide selection of books, magazines and newspapers. For the traveler, travel-size cosmetics and over-the-counter medicines are available, as well as snacks and beverages. This is your one-stop shop for last minute travel needs.

Location and Hours

Terminal One
Concourse B | Open daily 5:00am–10:00pm *
Phone:  801-322-6502

Terminal Two
Concourse C | Open daily 6:00am–10:00pm*
Phone: 801-322-6506

Concourse D | Open daily 6:00am--10:00pm *
Phone: 801-322-6505

* (Note: Hours may be reduced on Tuesdays and Saturdays depending on flight schedules)


Airport / Terminal Maps


SLCIA Dining  

Travel FAQs

Travel FAQs

Commonly asked questions and their answers.