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Travel FAQ

How early should I arrive at the airport before my flight?

It is recommended that you arrive 90 minutes prior to departure for check-in and security screening. Two hours for international flights. Allow more time during peak travel periods and inclement weather.

Is it possible to travel between terminals and concourses without going through security screening?

Terminal One and Terminal Two, as well as all of the concourses, are connected inside of security making it unnecessary to exit and re-enter security screening for a connection.

Can you escort a child or someone needing help to the gate?

The passenger's airline can issue a pass for someone to escort an unaccompanied minor child, an elderly person or someone with special needs through the security screening checkpoint and to the gate. A pass can also be issued to meet passengers that need special assistance at the gate. Please be aware that you are still required to show valid government issued photo identification. Allow plenty of time to complete this process with the airline at their ticket counter. It will be helpful if you alert the airline to this request when making reservations. Typically, the airline will only issue one pass. Therefore, you should not bring other children with you.

What type of ID do I need?

Passengers over 18 years old will need to show photo identification issued by federal or state government that contains your name, date of birth, gender and an expiration date. For a complete list of acceptable documents and more details visit the Transportation Security Administration's website at:

Can I use an expired driver's license?

Only current, valid driver's licenses are accepted. For a list of alternative forms of identification, visit

I just got married and my ticket is in my new name, but my driver's license isn't. What do I do?

Bring a copy of your marriage certificate or, if there is time, renew your driver's license and use the temporary one they issue to access the security screening checkpoint.

I need a wheelchair. What do I do?

This service is provided by each airline. Make the arrangement in advance when you make your airline reservation. In the airport, call (801) 575-2401 to request assistance.

Can I take a prescription in my carry-on? What if it needs refrigeration?

It is recommended that you carry all medications (and valuables) in your carry-on bag.  You can keep it on ice until you reach the checkpoint, you will be asked to dump the ice into a designated receptacle. Once you have cleared security screening, you can refill the ice container at one of the restaurants. Visit for more detail or other options.

What does it cost to fly to. . . .?

Only the airline can give you cost information on fares. You will need to contact the airline directly either by phone or via the internet for pricing details.

For schedule information, visit the website of the airline or the airport's flight schedule on this site.

How do I pay for parking and what does it cost?

First of all, be sure to park in the correct area for the length of time you will leave your vehicle. The short-term parking garage (hourly/daily parking) offers parking for those on quick visits to the terminals and shorter stays. Long-term (economy) is offered for longer stays and is serviced by a shuttle bus system. Call (801) 575-2886 for current parking rates.
You can pay with a credit card as you enter, at a pre-pay machine as you leave each terminal or with a cashier at the exit plaza. More details are on the services section of this web site.

Do I really need a passport to go to Mexico or Canada?

United States citizens are now required to show a passport when traveling to Mexico and Canada as well as any other foreign destination. More details are on the United States Department of State web site at

What do the airlines charge for bags now?

Each airline's policy is different. When you make your reservation, be sure to understand what the fees and restrictions are. Be aware that airlines may charge a bag fee and/or an extra charge for bags weighing over forty pounds.

Is there a place to store bags in the airport?

It is not possible to store bags in the airport or leave them with an airline.

Are there food options prior to security screening?

In Terminal One Lobby, there is a "Red Onion" market with salads, sandwiches, coffee and other drinks. They also sell sundries, magazines, newspapers and snacks. In Terminal Two Lobby, there is a Starbucks Coffee Shop.

What is the cost of a taxi cab to downtown?

Depending on the exact destination, it will be between $20.00 and $25.00.

Is there a hotel at the airport?

The closest hotels are nearby in downtown Salt Lake City and in an area just west of the airport.


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