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Sun, Aug 20
Scheduled Time Departing To Flight # Status Gate
10:00 AM Chicago ORD AA2969 DELAYED A01
10:00 AM Denver F9585 ON TIME A02
10:00 AM Salt Lake CIty F9585 ON TIME A02
10:00 AM Chicago MDW WN6597 DEPARTED B15
10:04 AM Portland AS3499 ON TIME A08
10:10 AM London Hthrw DL194 ON TIME C12
10:10 AM Philadelphia DL194 ON TIME C12
10:11 AM Denver AC2638 DEPARTED B05
10:11 AM Denver UA4767 DEPARTED B05
10:20 AM Phoenix WN3957 DEPARTED B20
10:40 AM Las Vegas WN4679 DEPARTED B21
10:40 AM St Louis WN4679 DEPARTED B21
10:55 AM Phoenix AS6591 ON TIME A01
10:55 AM Phoenix AA483 ON TIME A01
11:00 AM Jackson Hole DL1822 LANDED B01
11:00 AM Portland DL1741 ON TIME C03
11:00 AM Cody DL7381 ON TIME E72
11:00 AM Dallas-FtWorth DL5843 ON TIME B06
11:00 AM Eugene, OR DL4680 ON TIME B10
11:00 AM Medford, OR DL4662 REVISED E70