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Fri, Jan 19
Scheduled Time Departing To Flight # Status Gate
10:05 AM Denver UA4532 DEPARTED B05
10:14 AM Chicago ORD AA3017 ON TIME A05
10:15 AM Newark DL1314 ON TIME B03
10:20 AM Burbank WN5810 DEPARTED B15
10:20 AM Oakland WN5810 DEPARTED B15
10:35 AM Ontario WN1390 DEPARTED B17
10:35 AM Phoenix WN1390 DEPARTED B17
10:40 AM Seattle AS725 ON TIME A06
10:45 AM San Jose WN146 DEPARTED B19
10:50 AM Albany, NY WN250 DEPARTED B20
10:50 AM Baltimore WN250 DEPARTED B20
10:50 AM Las Vegas WN250 DEPARTED B20
10:50 AM Milwaukee WN250 DEPARTED B20
11:00 AM Las Vegas DL2252 ON TIME D13
11:00 AM Billings DL4599 ON TIME E70
11:00 AM Boise DL4485 ON TIME B14
11:00 AM Bozeman DL4461 ON TIME B02
11:00 AM Butte DL7377 ON TIME E72
11:00 AM Calgary DL5848 ON TIME B06
11:00 AM Great Falls DL4276 ON TIME E62