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Fri, Jan 24
Scheduled Time Arriving From Flight # Status Gate
10:00 AM Orlando DL893 REVISED D01
10:01 AM Cleveland DL358 REVISED D06
10:02 AM Seattle DL824 ON TIME C05
10:03 AM Wash Dulles DL2660 REVISED C12
10:04 AM Indianapolis DL2975 ON TIME F01
10:04 AM Tucson DL3817 ON TIME F02
10:05 AM Tampa DL1458 REVISED C13
10:07 AM Phoenix AA2874 ON TIME G01
10:07 AM Austin DL1454 REVISED D04
10:07 AM Orange County DL1477 ON TIME F11
10:07 AM Austin DL3633 REVISED D04
10:10 AM Ft Lauderdale DL3011 REVISED D07
10:10 AM Long Beach DL3743 ON TIME F08
10:11 AM Pittsburgh DL2761 REVISED D02
10:12 AM CO Springs DL4310 ON TIME E66
10:13 AM San Antonio DL3994 ON TIME F18
10:14 AM St Louis DL307 ON TIME D05
10:14 AM Boise DL4544 ON TIME F08
10:15 AM Chicago ORD DL1428 ON TIME C07
10:15 AM Los Angeles WN35 ON TIME F20