Hardstand Operations

SLC Hardstand map

Hardstand Operations Commence January 6, 2020, at SLC's Concourse E

Passengers flying out of Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) in early January will see a change in the way they board their flights when departing from Concourse E.

SLC and Delta Air Lines will begin implementing hardstand operations for flights arriving and departing from Concourse E on Jan. 6 to prepare for demolition of existing gates in Concourse E. These gates will be torn down in mid-January to make way for construction on The New SLC international gates.

“Hardstanding” is a term used by airports to describe when an aircraft is parked on the ramp and passengers are transported to the airplane via a shuttle bus rather than boarding from a loading bridge at the gate.

About 46 flights per day will be impacted from January through September 15, 2020, when The New SLC Airport opens for business. Passengers will board a shuttle bus from Concourse E that will deliver them to their aircraft. When deplaning, passengers will board a shuttle bus that will take them for offloading to Concourse D’s Gate 10 or back to Concourse E, depending on the flight.

Hardstand operations are common at European airports as well as large-size U.S. airports when capacity exceeds the number of available gates.