Our Facility


In February 2005, two brand new Oshkosh Striker 3000s rolled into service at our facility. These state-of-the art trucks are used extensively throughout the training. SLC's ARFF program also offers RIV Pickup Style ARFF Vehicle, used for fire attack and command.


No need to bounce between two different props to satisfy interior and exterior training needs. Our simulator allows for real-time, scenario based training. Hand line crews and trucks work side by side to address all potential hazards.

Exterior Fires 

Exterior fires include a multitude of spill fires, leaking fuel from the #1 engine, #1 & #2 engine fires, wheel fires and baggage bin fires.

Interior Practice 

There's no substitution for aggressive, hands-on, interior attack practice. Our prop lets you move seamlessly from an exterior attack to pulling hand lines and entering the aircraft. Interior fires include cockpit, galley, seating compartment, (both seats and hull), lavatory and cargo area fires. Simulated smoke adds to the realistic nature of these drills.

Hand Line Operations 

The Training Center also provides opportunities for students to practice hand line operations. Working off a portable fire trailer that is equipped with a pump, foam, 1 3/4" attack lines and supply hose, an attack from a traditional engine is simulated.