Medical Assistance

In the airport, emergencies are handled by the Operations Division. To call for assistance, dial 801-575-2405, 801-575-2911 or "0" on a white paging phone.

Automated Emergency Defibrillators (AEDs) and Emergency Trauma Packs are located in the following areas:

  • Terminal One security screening checkpoint; near JetBlue ticket counter, top of Concourse G; top of Concourse B, middle and end of Concourse B; Concourse D; Top and end of Concourse C and D; Concourse E seating area and gates; middle of Concourse E, parking garage (Terminal One entrance), curbside near Door #5, outside airport badging office.
  • Terminal Two lobby; by Terminal Two pre-pay booth in the parking structure; and in the International Terminal lower lobby.
  • International Terminal lobby and inside Customs processing area.

Salt Lake City International Airport also utilizes LUCAS 2 Chest Compression Device in Terminal One, between Concourse B and Concourse C.