Artwork to Enhance The New SLC

Gordon Huether and his team have been selected to work with the Salt Lake City Department of Airports (SLCDA) to create large-scale, permanent art installations for The New SLC.

Huether’s largest art installation titled “The Canyon,” will be integrated on both walls of the new airport terminal. 

The Canyon evokes the Salt Lake City landscape and spans 362 feet, roughly the length of a football field, using 2.5 acres  of composite fabric, and the equivalent of seven miles of aluminum tubing. The entire work will consist of 412 individual tensile membrane fins.

Additional installations to be integrated into The New SLC design, include the "Column Plates" and an 80-foot tall escalator well sculpture titled “The Falls.” The sculptural Column Plates, located in a gathering area for both arriving and departing passengers, will be made of composite material and will create a visual distinction for the various activities taking place in the open space. 

The sculptural forms of the columns provide interest and induce a sense of wonder, while maintaining their functionality and visibility of the view corridor.

As a focal point of a high-traffic area, The Falls sculpture makes use of the natural light provided by the curtain wall near the three-story escalator well, creating intriguing color effects in its vicinity. Colorful, light-sensitive dichroic glass fins are partnered with light-refracting glass rods to create ever-changing colors and patterns on adjacent surfaces.

Gordon Huether Studio was the recipient of a 2018 SARA National Design Award for designing The Canyon, The Falls, The Plates and Benches all of which will be located in The New SLC. 

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