Terminal Construction Updates

May, 2016 - Taking a Turn for the Better

Changes are being made to Terminal Drive to provide space for construction of SLC's new terminal complex. Motorists picking up passengers in front of the terminals will now take a sharp left-hand turn as they leave the terminal area. The same change will be put in place by May 25 for the passenger drop-off and commercial lanes. 

Terminal Drive Roadway Change

Changes in the road could result in delays, so the public should allow extra time when dropping off or picking up passengers. SLC also reminds motorists to follow posted speed limits and remain alert when driving through the airport. UTA’s Airport TRAX Line is a convenient alternative for passengers to avoid construction delays.

March, 2016 - Rental Car Facilities Completed

March marked a major milestone for the Terminal Redevelopment Program, with the completion of the Quick Turn-Around (QTA) and Rental Service Site (RSS) buildings.

The QTA, which houses the fueling and cleaning operations for rental car companies, totals 469,567 square feet of space and can store up to 900 cars. The building includes 64 fuel pumps and 14 car wash units that recycle 85% of the water used. The three RSS facilities, used for light maintenance, total 32,433 square feet and can store up to 500 cars.


Completed QTA RSS

Now that rental car companies are using their new facilities, their old buildings have now been demolished, making space for the new parking structure, terminal and temporary road system exiting the airport.


February, 2016 - Drive Through Ramp Demolished

The exit ramp to what was previously the drive-through lane of the Airport's short-term parking garage has been demolished. The drive-through lane was closed in October and converted to Premium Parking. The exit ramp area - as well as what formerly housed the car rental canopies - will become a new roadway exiting the airport the summer of 2016 to prepare for future construction projects.

Ramp Demo Crop

Here are some facts about the demolition and rerouting of Terminal Drive, taking place in summer of 2016:

  • 12 miles of existing utilities will be removed
  • 12 miles of new utilities (storm water, sewer, water, electrical) will be installed (This is the equivalent of a continuous utility line from downtown Salt Lake City to Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy.)
  • Temporary roadways more than one mile long will be constructed
  • 3.4 million square feet (77 acres) of existing paving/landscaping will be demolished
  • 45,000 cubic yards of concrete will be recycled as part of the future airfield paving
  • Four miles of temporary fencing will be installed

Phases of work around the ramp demo jpg

October, 2015 - Drive Through Lane Closed

Due to construction related to the Terminal Redevelopment Program, the drive through lane in the parking structure has permanently closed. The drive through lane exit ramp will be demolished this winter and construction on the new parking facility and roadways will begin shortly thereafter. If you’re used to picking up or dropping off loved ones in the drive through lane, be aware that after October 1, you will need to use the curbside pick-up and drop-off areas.

Parking Ramp

Please note that this change does not impact short or long-term parking in the parking structure.


For more information on the Terminal Redevelopment Program, visit The New SLC page.